About Kaley Marie

Kaley Marie was born in Seattle, WA. During her childhood she knew she wanted to work in the Entertainment industry and at the age of 9 began her journey in Music and Theater. Although she had been singing since the day she learned how to talk, she picked up the Violin and played first chair in her school and community Orchestra's, she was also cast as the lead in her school musical. Marie played the role of Freddy Fasttalk in "The Runaway Snowman" and won the hearts of the audience. Shortly after, she learned how to play the Guitar under private instruction and eventually began writing songs. After establishing a great catalog of originals, Marie became a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International at the tender age of 14 and shortly after released her first album "Stand Tall and Look Pretty" produced by Tim Horiuchi. She then took to learning the Piano which improved her musical and songwriting abilities. In 2015 she released a four song EP titled "Get Your Boots On". With two musical releases at the age of 16, Marie accumulated a large Social Media following. Not long after turning 17 and growing to the great height of 5'9" tall, she took up Modelling adding to her already long resume small boutiques to fortune 500 companies, including Sony Entertainment. Marie is also known for living a very healthy and active lifestyle, hitting the gym six days a week. Despite having a considerably successful career for her age, she also has an impressive scholastic record and is a member of the National Honors Society and National Society of High School Scholars. In addition, Marie is an International Baccalaureate and Academy of Business Student.